What is tilt in gambling?

Tilt – any experienced gambler cautiously tries to avoid this phenomenon, afraid sometimes even to say the word. As if not to attract it to themselves. So what is this “miracle” that scares away its shadow many gamblers do not allow a quiet game? In fact, tilt is called a psychological state in which a person completely losing his mind, without analyzing what is happening, uncontrollably spends all their money, in a very short time loses the whole bankroll.

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What is the tilt connected with?

A typical tilt condition can appear in a person who has won or lost a large sum, as well as in a person who has problems at work or in the family – it is simply an aggravation of the psychological atmosphere in the moment. Often, during the tilt, a person begins to feel sorry for himself, feel anger or, on the contrary, admire himself.

What are the consequences of tilt?

Due to the fact that the player can not stop in time, he begins to lose large sums, and then, passing to a new level of immersion in the game, goes all-in and loses a pretty big sum, which in turn later has a very bright effect on the future of family and personal life. In this insidious state, a very high dose of adrenaline is released into the blood, the psyche “breaks down”, the inner “super-player” loses the fight with himself and all the money is lost without a slightest chance. All this in an attempt to get back the lost amount.

How do you prevent tilt?

Once in a state of tilt it is quite difficult to get out of it, especially if you are an emotional and gambling person. Only a player with great willpower is able to behave decently at this time, however, almost everyone can prevent such a terrible psychological trap, which requires knowing a few simple details that can dramatically change your game, eradicating this bad phenomenon from it. 

  • Set a loss limit. Having lost a certain amount of money – stop, you should not play further, the percentage of winning sequences is small, but the probability of bankruptcy is off-scale. Usually in these situations, the right decision to stop – the key to further success.
  • Get rid of your emotions. Using poker as an example, you can show it this way. After the hand, immediately put out of your mind all the emotions, worries, and feelings associated with the game, concentrate exactly on the current hand. Not everyone can do it the first time, but it is worth a try. 
  • Give preference to long-term activity. Don’t focus all your attention on a particular game day. The loss of that day should remain only in it. Keep a cold record, which will help you to always be aware of your activities at a distance, not just a single game set.
  • Also, we advise you to make an observation and identify your own signs of tilt, and try to take it into account in the future, so as not to repeat mistakes made in bad times.

Real-time self-therapy is necessary. Being able to observe myself is like glue, it binds the personality together. There has to be a part of me that asks the question, “what am I doing here?” It has to become a habit. The very – preventative analysis emerges. If you observe yourself long enough, you begin to anticipate patterns of your own behavior, triggers that trigger ineffective chains, a kind of – your own viruses. 

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