How To Write A Good Biography To Promote Your Music ?

Writing a biography for your band or music project is the first step to promote your music. Genuine prerequisite, because it is the first descriptive link between the artist, the media and the audience; the biography is often difficult to write – and sometimes to read!

1. Don’t forget the key info

A few essential elements of a good biography: where the band or artist came from, the general type of the music (with potentially other sub-types more precise), the names and the roles of the artists and musicians, when the band was formed (number of albums released), important news (concert, release party, EP/album releases, music video)…

Sometimes it is wise to quote some music journalists, especially when they are highlighting your artistic world and qualities.

2. The shorter, concise and effective, the better

Medias are overwhelmed by emails and demos submissions and want to come back to the essential: listen to your music. It is, therefore, better to add to your stream links 10 effective lines than a roman-fleuve that will never be read. Also, a short and factual biography shows an immediate sincerity that can be more convincing.

3. Mention influences and references wisely

It is always better to focus on 2 or 3 artists really close to you, more or less known, than a never-ending list.

4. Avoid some writing mistakes

The biography is often addressed to media or journalists, whose work is to write. A well-written biography can be a good way to urge on the benevolence of your readership! ?

5. Avoid writing a Marcel Proust’s novel

A few words like ‘elegiac’, ‘ethereal’ or ‘oneiric’ are strangely more used on artists’ biographies than in the French romantic poetry of the 19th century.

Favour the key info and news (concert, album release) in a concise and effective style is a good way to build a first good biography.