How To Keep Earning Money As A Musician In Confinement

First of all, I would like to emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself! Stay at home and keep yourself informed. Another important thing: don’t totally isolate yourself. Social networks and applications nowadays allow you to exchange with anyone whenever you want, so take advantage of these opportunities. Even if it will never replace the joy of physical interaction, it’s better than nothing.

A note for music lovers:

If you are a music lover and want to support artists during the confinement, keep in mind that depending on the streaming platform used, not all financial contributions go directly into the artists’ pockets.

The fastest way to support artists is to buy their products- merchandise- or to make a donation through channels that are fully owned by them, or platforms that only take a small percentage from the artist, and can be deposited immediately into their bank accounts.

For fans who have been looking forward to seeing their favorite artists at concerts or festivals, hundreds of artists are now turning to platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to broadcast their performances live. However, streaming alone is unlikely to generate enough money; the economics of streaming are not at all the same as touring, especially for the artist. During the confinement they need you more than ever!

1. Use applications that compensate artists 


Twitch, how does it work? Simply set up your channel on Twitch, play your music and interact with live viewers. Viewers can watch your video and post live in the chat room to talk with you and other viewers. It offers fans special moments with their favorite artists.

The big bonus: Twitch has managed to monetize this streaming platform by enabling subscriptions and donations. While Instagram is an easy option for reaching large numbers of people, Twitch focuses its proposal on the financial benefit to its users.

Twitch thus responds to two issues: finding a new economic and sustainable way in times of uncertainty and creating a social and emotional link with the outside world.


This application lives up to its name as it is an optical instrument used to see over an obstacle without being seen.
The principle of Periscope is to cultivate instantaneous communities around events taking place around the world in real time. It is about engaging with others, wherever they are, to experience certain moments in a truly unique way with as few barriers as possible.

Who hasn’t dreamt of facing the crowd on the main stage of a big music festival like We Love Green?

Run The World

Run The World allows anyone to organize events online: live interviews with guests, Q&A sessions, cocktail parties, etc. Create opportunities for fans to engage with each other and with you. A more engaged community leads to greater involvement and audience growth.
Use this opportunity to build your fanbase. After each event, attendees can continue to participate in your Run the World community. You can continue to re-engage them and turn a single event into a recurring series.
Run the World offers the possibility of sustainable monetization without the need for thousands of fans.
All you have to do is decide your topic and get started.


Bandcamp’s mission is to enable artists to make money with their music. Bandcamp puts the artist first and believes that no matter the size of their audience, they should be compensated in a fair and transparent manner for their work.

2. At the same time during the confinement, grow your community and offer quality products and services

Take advantage of confinement to gain credibility and visibility. Show that you are creative and that you won’t let the situation get you down. It’s time to share your best joke, to let your voice be heard without the stress and bustle of live performance, to lift the veil on your unique personality and your sensitivity as an artist.


More than ever before, online tutorial offers are pouring in during the confinement. If you’ve always dreamed of taking time off to learn or deepen your knowledge of an instrument, now’s the time.
Another idea- why not learn how to dance to move better on stage and dazzle everyone once they finally get out of their home solitude?

Teach music lessons

Naturally, online courses are multiplying during this period of confinement. If you feel up to it, why not get started? In addition to earning money, it’s a great way to test yourself and assess your level. The more you understand your instrument, your voice, a software, a technique, the easier it will be to explain it. Challenge yourself and contribute to the blossoming of new, good and passionate musicians. Pass on your love for music and let them know that it’s not so difficult when you’re motivated.

Write and compose

There is no need to go into detail on this point, of course. Spend some time on the things that make you happy every day. The love of music and writing.

Prepare the release of your next single/EP/album

Once your music is finished and you’ve taken the time to polish up the final details, it’s time to think business. Enjoy the confinement to elaborate your communication strategy, the way to distribute your music, prepare beautiful visuals, and think about the image you want to present to the world