How to find your second half?

The ancient Greeks had a legend about the Androgyny, a self-sufficient man who combined the traits of both sexes. Zeus, the thunderer, split him in two. Ever since, the two halves, scattered throughout the world, have been looking for each other, trying to reunite. Psychologists argue that the myth of the Androgyny is not devoid of scientific meaning. Theoretically, each of us has an ideal partner, whom we look for by many signs – the color of hair and eyes, the timbre of voice, the smell, the energy that surrounds him. The most convenient way to do this search is with Memphis date ideas. It will help you to get access to the thousands of interesting profiles, each of which can be your ideal second half.

Searching for the second half

So what is the other half like? How do we find her? And this does not mean that your man has to read the same books as you, listen to the same music, love the same movies. When you and he stop noticing that you are not alone in the room, time flies quickly, verbal ping pong followed by hot sex. Oddly enough, such electrified similarities don’t last long.

Searching for a partner who would be completely identical to you is a sign of an immature personality. And in the end, problems with such a pair will arise for sure: two passive natures, most likely, will float downstream, while people fickle, irascible sooner or later will begin to throw plates at each other. 

Relationships in which partners choose each other in their own image have an antithesis, an extreme version of the struggle of opposites. In such a scenario, the differences between the partners are so great that one can safely make a bet – they are bound to break up. In general, a happy union of a scientist and a cleaning lady is possible, but highly unlikely. However, even such a short-lived romance can be good for the soul, but with one caveat: you must be clearly aware of how limited its possibilities and not make far-reaching plans. You can add a bright, exotic personality to your collection, and then, when you’re done with him, start preparing for a quiet but real and long-term partnership without feeling like you’re missing out on something in life. You can find the perfect partner with date night ideas Memphis.

To keep your partnership from falling apart, you need to agree on the most important issues. Your ideas of right and wrong are a priority. Take infidelity, for example. If one of you believes that kissing someone you know is already adultery, and the other believes that without sex there is no adultery, then you need to agree that kissing a stranger is already an offense. These topics are closely followed by your life goals: do you want to get married or just live together, and if so, where? Then you need to decide about money and sex (how and how much), the expression of emotions, as well as the best way to spend your leisure time together.

The secret is for each of you to be aware of the other’s values before the beginning of deep attachment. While you’re not yet used to each other, take time to get to know your partner’s dreams, hopes and ambitions. And then you can expect a bright and happy future together.

Once near your soul mate, you will feel as if after a long wander back into the home walls. Annoying little things that annoy other people, do not throw off the balance when it comes to your chosen one. Next to him, the romantic prospect of living happily and dying on the same day does not look so unrealistic. You radiate happiness and serenity, you are in harmony with your inner self. If you can’t find that person, it makes sense to use the tune2love website with thousands of different profiles.